Alongside Kate Waterhouse and her beautiful daughters, Wanderluxe Sleepwear has dreamt up another expertly-crafted, indulgent collection of opulent pyjamas for every kind of family, everywhere. Introducing: Kate Waterhouse x Wanderluxe Sleepwear x Mini Me.

​​This vibrant collaboration is a glorious ode to Kate’s love of family and an extension of our tailored luxury sleepwear. With a matching ‘mini-me’ addition, these PJ’s are designed to make you feel like family is at the heart of the home.

Kate wrote a beautiful blog on her website outlining the inspiration behind creating such a gorgeous collection that we can’t wait to share with you.


I’m big on pyjamas. In fact, it’s one of my go-to gifts. I love buying PJs as gifts for the kids, and often buy matching ones for my kids and their cousins over holiday periods such as Easter and Christmas. It’s cute to see the girls and my nieces and nephew wearing the same sets when we’re all spending these occasions together as a family on my parents’ farm. So, it was this that inspired my new kids’ collection with Wanderluxe sleepwear.

Having previously collaborated with Wanderluxe on a sleepwear range, we wanted to team up again and I knew this was the perfect next project together. Following on from the success of my first collection, it seemed the ideal progression to move onto a mini me collection and matching sets for the whole family. As a mum, I buy kids’ PJs a lot so I wanted to create something that was comfortable, stylish and fun.

When it comes to sleepwear for kids, I favour classic cuts and prints. This was something I took into account when working on the range, so we went for a navy pinstripe and a baby blue stripe which are the kinds of prints that have longevity. They’re also great prints for adults, so perfect for the whole family. Having ticked the classics box I also wanted to have a bit of fun so I worked on a pink and orange set. That particular set is Sophia and Grace’s favourite, and they actually helped me choose the perfect shade of pink and orange to use. The girls were a major part of the creative process on this collab, which I really enjoyed. The whole collaboration took a few months from start to finish, from selecting all the fabrics to having samples made and altering designs to countless Zoom meetings with the team at Wanderluxe, so I’m thrilled to finally see everything come to fruition.

The collaboration became quite the family affair as we shot the campaign at the farm, and the girls (and even Luke!) were also able to feature in the shoot. The kids always have a great time shooting, and it was so special to have them be part of launching the collection.

The Kate Waterhouse x Wanderluxe Sleepwear collection is now available in store or online at wanderluxesleepwear.com. If you want an extra special touch monogramming is also available!

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