National Pyjama Day

It’s National Pyjama Day this Friday 23rd July, one of our favourite days here at Wanderluxe Sleepwear. It is the day where we get to live #InMyPJs and raise money for an incredible cause. There’s nothing we love more than putting our pyjamas to good use.

The Pyjama Foundation is a wonderful organisation that dedicates their time to providing children in foster care with the opportunity to change direction of their lives through learning, life skills and confidence.  The statistics on education rates for children in foster care are concerning, and quite frankly scary which is why we want to get involved, and you can too!

From Sunday 18th - Friday 23rd July, we will be donating 15% of online profits to The Pyjama Foundation. This year, the foundation are aiming to raise $400,000 for their Love of Learning Program. This program offers learning skills to more than 1000 children, funds educational resources and helps to provide stable, positive relationships.

Liking the sound of this cause? Us too! Visit our website to purchase a new pair of pyjamas, knowing that 15% of the profits are heading to a foster child in need. Show us your support by sharing a photo in your favourite pyjamas and tagging us and The Pyjama Foundation, and using the hashtag #InMyPjs to help raise awareness.

Need Inspo?

If you want to take your support even further, donate directly to The Pyjama Foundation by heading to

We hope to see you #InMyPJs and doing your part to support this amazing cause!

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