In the midst of the modern world, daily life as a mother moves faster than ever before, and those rare moments of downtime are becoming ever the more precious. To feel good and relaxed is important, to recharge our batteries for the day ahead. We caught up with four busy mothers to discuss what comfort looks like to them.

MONTARNA PITT @montarnapitt

What do you love about being a mum?

I love the feeling of creating our own little family – hanging out together, starting seasonal traditions, watching our girls grow and seeing their personalities develop. I’m very close to my parents, my sister and our extended family and to continue this closeness with my own daughters is incredibly special.

How do you unwind at home?

Nothing helps me unwind better than a long soak in the bath with my favourite candle burning, a face mask and chic pyjamas waiting to be slipped into for an early night.

What’s your favourite piece from our latest collection? 

The Peony Sunsets set. I love traditional tailored pyjamas and these have a feminine touch with the pink pinstripes and red piping.

JESS PECORARO @jess_pecoraro

What do you love about being a mum? Being a mum has been my greatest achievement to date and there’s no feeling like it. It’s the most amazing feeling seeing this little person you have created grow.  Just a simple giggle from them can make your day, it is truly love that is unconditional. 

How do you unwind at home? Me time is usually late at night, in comfortable pjs eating chocolate and watching TV. Simple but perfect. 

What’s your favourite piece from our latest collection? I love the long sleeve Hydrangea set which was co-designed by my good friend and client Kate Waterhouse, the fabric looks lush, is super comfortable and I love the horse shoe detailing. 


What do you love about being a mum? I love quality family time, especially Sunday morning cuddles with my boys. To watch them grow up through each stage of life is one of the greatest achievements you can have. 

How do you unwind at home? I enjoy Sundays in PJs, or even staying in PJs all day, a love that I share with my kids. I love to spend quality time as a family, it’s essential to unwinding.

What’s your favourite piece from our latest Kate Waterhouse collection? Definitely the Peony Sunsets short PJ set as its transeasonal – perfect for those in between months.


What do you love about being a mum? I absolutely love being a mum. It is the most beautiful and breath taking part of my life. Motherhood for me is a series of moments, big and small that make me stop and think ‘OH this is why I am here! This is my purpose, times three and I love that!’

How do you unwind at home? I believe that self care leads to happiness. And sometimes I just need time alone to unwind. Typically, hot soak in the company of bath bombs and candles does the job for me. 

What’s your favourite piece from our latest Kate Waterhouse collection? I absolutely adore the Hydrangea Camisole Slip Dress. It is my ultimate favourite because it puts me in the sleep time mood. Once I am in my comfy nightwear it really helps me relax in the best way possible. 

As you can see, our beautiful mothers wouldn’t change their role for the world, but it’s important that we help them to relax along their journey. At Wanderluxe, we make luxury sleepwear for luxury moments – look comfortable, feel comfortable, be comfortable. Happy Mother’s Day from the Wanderluxe team x


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