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The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting darker and colder, yep, winter is here. Are you a winter lover or do you spend winter counting down the days until spring arrives?

If we’re going to be honest with you here. We love winter! This officially means it’s acceptable to put on our PJs the minute we get home [or leave them on, as is life living in iso].

We’ve written this blog to convince you that winter is a wonderful season and not just four months of the year to endure. Here’s our top 3 reasons to love winter.

1. netflix binging

Let’s face it lockdown has already put us in hibernation mode which means we’re well-versed at spending evenings and weekends on the couch in our PJs watching Netflix. Winter is just another excuse to keep the good time rolling. Get the snacks and get comfy, here’s out top Netflix picks.

If you like thrills, murders, and being confused, The Stranger is an engaging – albeit overly complicated mystery, with many a spooky storyline to follow. 

Dead to Me, a series about a powerful friendship that blossoms between a tightly wound widow and a free spirit with a shocking secret.

One to watch with your BF or hubby, The Last Dance. Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippen. Dennis Rodman. In their own words. The unfiltered story of the Chicago Bulls dynasty.

2. winter warmers

Ever tried alcohol-spiked hot chocolate? Warning, once you sample Nigella’s alcoholic hot chocolate, you’ll never look back. Quality dark chocolate, honey, cinnamon, and a warming dash of liqueur to finish things off. The result? Pure indulgence in a glass.

3. relaxing in the tub

There’s no better feeling in winter than stepping into a warm bath after spending time outside in the elements. Light a candle, listen to your favourite playlist or podcast. Then afterwards slip into your favourite PJs and you will stay toasty all evening.

Perfect post-bath attire: The Willow Pyjama Set

I hope we’ve managed to convince that winter isn’t all that bad and in fact has many reasons why it should be celebrated and enjoyed. We would love to hear some of your reasons for loving winter in the comments below.

Stay warm x

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