Jack is someone that has a good sense of style, effortlessly putting outfits together. A fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger, he inherently understands the sartorial needs of the modern man. We sat down with Jack to chat about everything from his style influences to his night time routines.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I currently reside in Adelaide, Australia where I’ve been based for a couple of years now. From a work perspective I live a double life. Professionally, I  work as a Financial Analyst for a Bank. However and to most people I am a Content Creator and Blogger. My hobbies include travelling, photography and coffee!

What influences your great sense of style?

I love the individualistic nature of style. The underlying fact that when it comes to style there is no right or wrong. I’m continuously driven to style differently!

What do you make time for everyday?

Coffee (obviously) and exercise (a man after our own heart!).

How do you unwind?

A lot of my time during the day is in front of screens (laptop and phone). I try to unwind by either running, cycling or reading.

Do you practice any night time routines to help you catch some quality zzz’s?

I’ve always had a bad habit of being on my phone right before I go to sleep. So lately I’ve been turning my phone to flight mode an hour before bed. I also try not to drink coffee after midday!

What’s your favourite Wanderluxe product?

Given the weather is warming up right now, the Darcy boxer shorts and T-shirt are perfect. Better yet, they come in my favourite colour… blue!

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