Unwind in the confines of your private world with our luxury winter collection – Salon. Inspired by French interior design, the Salon Collection will bring your winter nights to life. 


To feel good and relaxed is important, to recharge our batteries for the day ahead. We caught up with four busy mothers to discuss what comfort looks like to them.

Sunday Feels

To help you get your Sunday off to the best possible start, we’ve asked our founder Sherri, along with the beautiful Bec Smollen of Sirens and Seaplanes, their top tips on what culinary delights they like to cook up.

National Pyjama Day

It’s National Pyjama Day this Friday 23rd July and one of our favourite days here at Wanderluxe Sleepwear. It is the day where we get to live #InMyPJs and raise money for an incredible cause.

Romantics collection

Introducing our Romantics collection. Curated with the intention to evoke the bliss and euphoria of falling in love. Expressing a sense of elegance and sophistication with timeless appeal.

3 reasons to love winter

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting darker and colder. Winter is here. Are you a winter lover or do you spend winter counting down the days until spring arrives?


Welcome to Wanderluxe Lounge, a super-cosy and relaxing space for inspiring content. We want to share our love of downtime with you and hope you find the articles helpful and interesting.

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